My life improved drastically in 2011 when I discovered Benjamin Allen's special unique brand of dance-fitness classes GROOV3.  The 3 stands for Dance Sweat Live and I try to do each of those things when I go Benji's classes.  I call Benji my Ambassador of Joy because his classes and the spirit of the people who go their are so fun and positive and there's nothing bitchy about it at all.  The videos below are of two The Sweat Spot recitals I got to take part in with some of my fellow Groov-ers.  I got to live out my Madonna, Britney, J Lo, N Sync back-up dancer fantasy and it was a blast.  To learn more about Groov3, go to

The 2012 Sweat Spot recital.  The theme was homage and Benji choreographed a tribute to Madonna's "Human Nature" video.  There was a knee slide.

The theme for the 2013 Sweat Spot performance was Total Request Live and we recreate the moves of iconic artists like Britney, Aliyah, J Lo and N Sync.  I think I was Joey Fatone.

For folks who don't live where there's Groov3 classes, Benji posts routines on YouTube for folks to do in the privacy of their own living rooms.  I'm in this Living Room Session and it's my living room, too.  Notice the "Xanadu" sign in the background.

Benji on the far in the center rocking a pink tie.

Benji on the far in the center rocking a pink tie.

And speaking of Xanadu, when I first starting taking Benji's classes, I knew I had met him before but I couldn't remember where.  Turns out we both took part in this dance-along Xanadu gig at the Alex Theater in Glendale in 2006.  A bunch of dancers came out during the "Dancin'" number and recreated it move for move in front of the screen.  I'm the one in the purple suit.  Dreams don't die, after all.