In the spring of 1991, I was employed as a singer-dancer on the Sky Princess cruise ship. Since my job consisted only of performing and rehearsing the production shows, I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands. I spent a good deal of it playing the grand piano and writing songs in the show lounge late at night. By the end of my six-month contract, I had managed to write around a dozen songs.

A few days after I left the ships and returned to Los Angeles, I met a man named Norman Arnold backstage at a Gloria Estefan concert. It turned out he was a percussionist and composer who was just starting to work with other artists. I told him about my songs and that I had hoped to make demo recordings of them and he agreed to work with me.

Thus began a decade-long collaboration that culminated in the completion of my 12-song CD, The Water's Fine. A few of the songs on it, like Against the Grain, Forget You Again and Change Away From Me, were actually part of that original batch that I wrote on the ship. Others, like Shotgun, The Last Time and Afterthoughts were written more recently. I'm proud of all of them and eternally grateful to Norman for helping me realize my dream of having a CD of my songs.

It was a long, fun, frustrating, exhilarating, fulfilling ride. I hope you like what you hear.