For years, Dennis Hensley, author of the best-seller Misadventures in the (213), has been getting his friends together to watch and crack wise about the films we all know and love, films like Taxi Driver, Jaws and The Sound of Music, films that had an impact on the world we live in. They also watched Glitter.

Though each movie endures its share of cheap shots ("Whitney Houston's wig in The Bodyguard is like a tri-cornered hat. I keep waiting for her to cross the Delaware"), Hensley and Co. are just as likely to talk seriously about what the films mean to them. "The thing that killed me when I saw Saturday Night Fever," recalls one party regular, "is that I knew I was desperate like Donna Pescow, but I wanted to be glamorous like Karen Lyn Gorney. That struggle has stayed with me my whole life."

Screening Party also explores the lives of its 'characters' outside of the parties; their hopes and dreams, fortunes and foibles, and how the ritual of getting together once a month to lust after Gregory Harrison in For Ladies Only or skewer Barbra Streisand in A Star Is Born comes to mean more to them than they ever would have imagined.

So if you can't bite into a strawberry without thinking of 9 1/2 Weeks... if you end up screening your calls whenever St. Elmo's Fire turns up on cable... if you've always wanted to watch Al Pacino get leathered-up and go Cruising but aren't man enough to do it alone, grab a seat on the couch. The party's just beginning.